The power of our brain decoding technology transcends industries

We're working with partners across industries building human-centric products and services.

Our core technology platform, Neuos, enables access to real-time insights on an individual's brain state. Partners in Entertainment and Media, Learning and Training, Health, and Cybersecurity integrate Neuos analytics into their work flows and product lines to create and capture new value.

Entertainment and Media

We've built our core technology into an end-to-end cloud-based software platform where content creators can order neuroscientific audience tests and receive insights in hours, not weeks.

Fast. Reliable. Intuitive. Research-caliber insights that studios and brands use to make quicker, better-informed decisions about their creative content and how its distributed.

From self-service, automated reporting on key findings, to deep dives with Arctop's expert research staff, content creators are empowered by our Neuos Eureka product line like they're never been before.

To create work that resonates with target audiences and to test digital content in a way that lets your organization learn fast and iterate, visit!. To participate in content tests as a content consumer, join our Global Tester Network online at and start getting paid to watch and play.


Use Neuos analytics to fine tune game parameters and make engineering player experience a reality. Mechanics can be tested, skins compared, soundtracks optimized. All are extremely easy with the Neuos platform.

From Eureka, where granular tests of prototype gaming content are conducted and reviewed, to Realtime, where brain-based actions are driving richer gaming experiences, Arctop technology is delivering fresh perspectives to top studios everyday.

Turn tutorials dynamic based on brain responses to significantly minimize how long it takes to learn a new game. Power in-game transactions that allow players to buy things just by thinking about them. These are just two examples of exciting gaming outputs we provide.

Today, for games built in Unity, just a few lines of code are needed to start testing and adapting content with Neuos. Other platforms are coming soon. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Training and Learning

The potential for content and skill mastery is endless as digital learning and training platforms combine with Neuos™ to deliver personalized lessons that adapt in the moment.

Neuos helps productivity in the classroom sky rocket by providing human teachers and software programs alike with fundamental feedback on student brain states that allow memory to be enhanced, focus maintained, and motivation and enjoyment kept high.

There's never been a better time to learn kung fu, or anything else that you'd like to. To enter into Neuos-enabled pilot studies as a student, join our GTN at To partner with us on an application please get in touch with our team.


Brains are our core engine of productivity and well-being. By far, the most significant factor determining our quality of life. Yet, we still lack objective means of tracking everyday brain health.

With reliable metrics giving insight into our brain health each day, we can take better command in improving it. Using Neuos™ as the foundation for decoding health biomarkers across the wake-sleep cycle, we are working to catalyze a revolution in the way we understand and improve our brains in the 21st century.

Fall asleep faster, dream deeper, wake up with a better memory. Neuos sleep and dream applications shape the 1/3 of your life in bed to be the healthiest possible. During the rest of the time, Neuos enables your brain to perform at top function, or return to it. From stroke rehabilitation to flow state maximization, Neuos Health initiatives are a critical part of Arctop's mission.


No biometric is as uniquely identifying as the brain itself, which changes constantly and naturally gives off invisible, time-sensitive, ultra high entropy electromagnetic patterns that define individuals millisecond-by-millisecond.

Arctop has pioneered the extraction and classification of these patterns (a “mental fingerprint”) since 2016, when it was the first company to develop a commercial system for using brain signal as a biometric password.

Today, Neuos™ picks up identifying brain patterns from sensors embedded in earbuds and fabrics, and at the product level combines them with layers of adversary preemption (specially designed anti-spoofing, anti-replay, anti-brute force, and anti-debugging safeguards), and live detection protocols that insure that only the right people gain access to the right resources at the right time.

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