Neuos transcends industries

Our neural interface technology is for Developers building life enhancing applications in gaming, health, cybersecurity and edtech.


Our Neuos technology lets games be tuned to the individual player with breakthrough depth and speed, transforming player experiences in the greatest way since the touchscreen.

Games can optimize interactions in real-time to produce a certain feelings, adjust soundtracks and skins to fit player moods, and turn tutorials adaptive to be in the sweet spot "Goldilox" zone for each player to maximally learn what they need.

Power frictionless in-game purchases where players simply think 'Yes' to confirm actions and engage fans like never before with streaming Cognition and Emotion data. The possibilities are endless.


The human brain is by far the most significant factor determining one's quality of life. Yet most apps that want to improve life for their users have no access to reliable metrics on it.

Quantifying how a given brain is performing day-to-day shines valuable light on ways it can be improved or modified to better suit an individual's goals. Our algorithms for neural analysis decode health biomarkers across the wake/sleep cycle with an accuracy that is unmatched by other products on the market and do just that: quantify the brain and its behavior in everyday settings.

We partner with visionary health companies to bring applications to life that help humans recover, repair, maintain and enhance their brain function.


We are pioneers in "brain ID," a form of neural biometric authentication that has the potential to replace passwords and make applications much more secure.

No biometric is as uniquely identifying as the brain itself which changes constantly and naturally gives off invisible, time-sensitive and highly-complex electromagnetic patterns.

In 2016 we were the first company to develop a commercial brain biometric system and since then have continued to innovate and extend the breakthrough cybersecurity abilities we offer through head-wearables.


The brain is where learning happens. When a learning app can measure neural activity in real-time, magic can happen.

Learn to speak a new language in a fraction of the time or a new musical instrument. The potential for content and skill mastery is vast as e-learning and digital training platforms use our SaaS to personalize lessons for every student.

From engaging VR professional training courses, to fun and effective K-12 math lessons, with Arctop technology, there has never been a better time to learn or to help others learn by releasing innovative applications.

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