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deep analytics

Neuos Insights makes it easy to get to the core of audience experience.

Add Content
Drag-and-drop media to test.
Choose Audience
Select participants for the test.
Pose Questions
Set statistical objectives and ask research questions in plain language.
Launch and Track
Finalize order, activate testers, and keep up with the progress.
See results and get answers fast via the beautiful dashboards of

Far more insightful than competitor technologies

Brain decoding has proven to be 7X more predictive of consumer behavior than facial coding and surveys. Why settle for superficial metrics when you can go deeper with Neuos?


*Nielsen Research 2016 on explaining in-store sales variance, study in partnership with CBS across 60 CPG ads in 20 categories, 900 neuroscience participants, and 28,000 survey respondents.

Platform features


Neuos is specially tailored to real world environments where audiences actually watch, listen and play.


Web dashboards give clear results over an intuitive graphical interface, For machine-to-machine transmission, Neuos API is documented and our team is ready to assist.


Adding brain analytics to enterprise data pipelines supercharges predictive information and gives a major advantage in the ever-changing market.

Neuos RT for Live Analytics

Neuos RT enables next-generation brain responsive applications, like games that adjust themselves based on player emotions, training programs that teach adaptively based on what is understood, and cognitive health trackers that give objective measures of the previously immeasurable.